Aaron has been a driving force behind the development and promotion of Trampoline and Tumbling since 1970. He is the author of three internationally recognized trampoline manuals (National Coaching Certification Program) In addition, as coach; his gymnastic continue to obtain international status. Also, as a brevet judge, he was appointed to the F.I.T International trampoline Federation in 1991 – A first for Canada.

Aaron was mainly recognized for his impact on the sport, however Aaron was also responsible for the New Westminster’s Detached Youth Program, and New Westminster Youth Centre. Aaron worked for family services of greater Vancouver for over 20years.

Aaron trained with the Nissen Trampoline Company Team (inventor of the modern day trampoline) in Cedar Rapids performing acrobatic shows in the USA and traveling to Canada to compete whenever possible. He developed a reputation as the highest bouncer in the world and it followed him from Canadian Nationals in 1973 to World’s in ‘74. Aaron continued his competitive career with Canadian Senior Titles in ‘75 and ‘76. Aaron was the first Canadian to compete a twisting triple somersault; a Triffis. While preparing for his second World Championship in “76, Aaron injured himself seriously, forcing an early competitive retirement.

Aaron continued a role that started in 1974 as Canadian Trampoline Coaching Chairman and began to develop a safety manual for the country that would eventually be known worldwide. The NCCP Trampoline technical manual was born. Aaron worked with some of the finest trampoline experts in the world including Dr. Fred Yeadon, Dave Ross and Boris Verhkovsky as well as many other Canadian trampoline specialists to develop the safest, progressive system for teaching trampoline possible. Aaron still authors and loves to share his coaching knowledge with others by teaching certification courses.

At the beginning of 1977, Aaron shared his expertise in the coaching field with the senior athletes with the very competitive Shasta Trampoline Team from New Westminster BC. Through the years, highlights sparked medal results in all areas.

Aaron passed away Nov 2012. He will be missed


New Westminster Trampolinist 1976 – 2012

National Achievements
1973 National Championships Trampoline Bronze Medal
1974 National Championships Trampoline 6th
1975 National Championships Trampoline Gold Medal
1976 National Championships Synchro Gold Medal
1976 National Championships Trampoline Gold Medal
1978 Gymnastics Canada Coach of the Year
1987 National Championships Head Judge – Tumbling
International Achievements
1974 World Championships Trampoline 12th
1975 Pro / Am Championships Synchro Gold Medal
1976 World Championships Injured Canadian Team Member
1979 – 1999 National Trampoline / DMT Coach
1992 World Championships Head Judge
1976 – 1999 International Judge
1996 World Championships Competition Director
1990 – 1998 FIT Technical Committee Member
1974 – 1999 Canadian Gymnastics Technical Committee Member
1974 – 1977 National Committee Member



2004 – 2012, Vancouver Circus School

  • Co-Founder
  • Head Coach
  • Safety Director

2005 – 2012, Canadian Freestyle Association

  • Trampoline Coach
  • Western 2010 Development Team

1974 – 2012, Canadian Gymnastics Federation

  • Responsible for the development, training and delivery of the National Trampoline Coaching Program (NCCP)
  • Trainer for National Judges and Canadian FIT Judges
  • Level 4 NCCP Trampoline Facilitator

1985– 2005, CirKids School of Circus Arts

  • Founding Member – Head Coach

1999– 2001, Cirque du Soleil

  • Artistic and Acrobatic Coach for “Mystere”

1990 – 1998        Technical Committee Member FIT (International Trampoline Federation)

  • Clinician for coaches and judging courses in many countries of the World
  • Technical Committee’s Member of the Medical Commission
  • Organized and led Advanced Coaches Course for the FIT with participants from 6 different countries

1977- 1999          Shasta Trampoline Team

  • Responsible for planning, development and training of National and International level trampolinists.
  • Organized and led many Provincial and National clinics and courses
  • Coaches athletes from beginners to World level competitors

1997– 1999         Family Services of Greater Vancouver

  • Responsible for the development and delivery of a wide variety of services to “at risk” ad homeless youth
  • Founder of the New Westminster Detached Youth Program
  • Founder of the New Westminster Youth Centre



Canadian NCCP Trampoline Coaching Program

  • Principal author for Levels 1-3 NCCP coaching and Course Conductor Manuals and courses
  • Member of Level 4 Development Committee
  • Level 4 Trampoline NCCP Course Facilitator
  • Levels 1 & 2 manuals have been translated into Spanish and Portuguese
  • Conducted hundreds of coaching courses across Canada


1976 – 1999        Canadian National Trampoline and DMT Coach

1990-1998           FIT Technical Committee Member

1974- 1999          Canadian Gymnastics Technical Committee Member

  • Chair of the Technical Committee for 8 years, including CGF member
  • Board of Directors for 2-years
  • Coaching Chair for 9-years
  • Member of the Trampoline NCCP Committee since 1974
  • FIT Representative for 8-years

1974 – 1977        National Committee Member

  • Coaching Chair 1974 – 1977 / 1989
  • National Chairman 1978 – 1983
  • Technical Chair 1984 – Member at Large



  • Gymnastics BC – Life Member
  • Canadian Gymnastics Federation – Life Member
  • International Trampoline Federation –Honorary Life Member
  • Aaron Johnson Trampoline and Tumbling Program Award Gymnastics Canada
  • Aaron was the world’s Highest Bouncer
  • Canadian National Trampoline Coach 1976 – 1999
  • Canadian Member of International Trampoline Federation 1990 – 1998
  • Canadian Gymnastics Technical Committee Member 1974 – 1999
  • First Canadian to compete a twisting triple somersault