James Hanson – Magician

James Hanson can pin point the moment he became a magician. A young boy watching a world class street performer control a late night crowd downtown Halifax N.S. James knew what he needed to do. Lucky enough to be taken under the wing of Halifax legends Rod Dorion. (Close up) and his life long teacher/wizard David Moon (Stage), James blended styles developing a character all his own. After his first real job working full time for an entire summer as a theme park magician there was no turning back. James then did bar and restaurant magic mostly in B.C. With short stints in Japan, Florida and Saudi Arabia his eagerness to perform for new audiences and engage new challenges is infectious. Clearly James loves what he dose and has the credits to prove it. James has top awards for close up, stage and children’s magic. Including two tome Vancouver stage magician of the year.  Lately engaging in opportunities in film and prop production.