Roller Duo – Marley

Marley Huel’s eclectic circus career began in 2008 when he jumped on the tour bus with Phoenix Circus in 2008. He began training performing aerial solo and duo acts, fire shows, and stilt walking in shows from British Columbia to California. This started his career as a full-time performing artist. Over the next decade, he continued to advance his circus dreams with discipline and fervor, training at circus schools in Vancouver, Montreal, Paris, Mexico and the United States. During this time Marley diversified his skills, learning hand to hand, banquine, group acrobatics, hand balancing, unicycle and juggling. In 2022 he began developing a flying roller skate duo act with Angela Selva. Currently based in Vancouver, this experienced multidisciplinary circus artist works full time as a performing artist and brings his passion, energy and diverse skills to the stage, whether roving through the crowds on skates in neon costumes, or thrilling the audience with one of his death-defying stage acts.